The holidays are a time to celebrate. Getting together with loved ones, getting dressed up, and attending parties are just a few of the things we like to enjoy this time of year. As a part of the family, your pet may be joining in on the fun with cute costumes, dog parties, and more. Let’s not forget, however, safety first!

There are a few things you need to be aware of as a responsible pet parent. Make sure you double-check the list before having people over or heading out the door. This can help you avoid serious headaches later.

5 Things to Be Aware of During the Holiday

  1. Foot traffic in your home. You may be hosting the party this year. If that’s the case, you have to make sure your front door is off-limits to your pets. Not all people are aware of pets and may leave the door open a little too long, or think it’s okay for your pets to go outside without supervision. Do yourself a favor, and make sure your pets are in a secure area of the house or yard, so you don’t need to worry about them wandering out the door.
  2. Food and drinks at the party. Some pets are very sneaky. If your guests aren’t paying attention there may be a rogue tongue that falls onto a plate or in a glass. As you know alcohol is terrible for pets and there are some foods that are even toxic for them to ingest. We recommend creating a cute sign that reads “please don’t feed me” or keeping your pets away from any areas that may have food or drink flowing around.
  3. Allowing other pets to join you for the party. Introductions are key when allowing pets to occupy the same space. It’s best to have those pets over earlier when there are fewer people around and to introduce them slowly so they have time to adjust. Make sure they have plenty of space so they aren’t feeling territorial, and if they don’t get along, politely ask that the owner take their pet home.
  4. Decorations for the party. Sometimes pets just love to chew on anything in sight. If you have any decorations that are that could be potentially dangerous to your pet, make sure they are at a height that is out of reach for them. To be on the extra-safe side, just forgo those decorations altogether.
  5. Pets suffering from anxiety. If your pet does not do well in a crowded space, it’s probably best to let someone else host the party or let them stay with a trust pet sitter during the occasion. There are some other anxiety-inducing issues that may be out of your control. If neighbors decide to have a fireworks display or if the weather is creating a scary situation, you may find your pet suffering from anxiety. Do the best you can to keep them in a calm place, and make sure to comfort them with cuddles.

Other Options to Help Soothe Your Pet’s Anxiety

There are a few things that have gotten some good reviews to help with pet anxiety. One is the ThunderShirt. This shirt helps them feel like they are getting a constant hug when anxiety creeps up. Another option is acquiring some anxiety medication that is specifically for pets (as in DO NOT medicate your pets with anything that has not been prescribed by a vet). We here at Family Pet Hospital have been prescribing Sileo for quite some time and have seen a great response from pets. If you’re interested in finding out more, make an appointment and come by to see us today!