This is a very important topic when taking your pet anywhere. It’s even more important when bringing your pet to visit a vet clinic. Pet parents know the basics of leashing or traveling with your pet in a carrier is to make sure that their pets don’t run off. While this is indeed true, there are many other reasons you want to make sure you are practicing this behavior. Mainly, it’s for safety.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Always Leash or Carry Your Pet to a Vet Clinic

As we said, it mainly comes down to safety. But you may be wondering what your pet could be in danger of. Here’s a quick rundown of what leashing or carrying your pet can keep them safe from.

  1. Running away. Yes, as we said before, if your pet is not properly secured when going anywhere, they could get loose and run off. Even if your pet stays by your side in every other situation. Something could spook your pet or interest your pet into taking a detour.
  2. Harm from other animals. While your pet may be fine unleashed or sans carrier, other pets may not have the same control. Some animals can be leash aggressive and become even more agitated if your pet comes close to them while under those circumstances. Or, in general, another animal may not be well socialized, and can quickly become aggressive towards any other animals invading their space.
  3. Infections and diseases. Pets visit the vet office for any number of reasons. One of those reasons could be because they are sick. If another pet has a communicable disease, your pet could catch that disease by coming into contact with the other animal. Oppositionally, your pet could have something that could infect other animals that you are unaware of.
  4. Comfort for other humans. While some people may love meeting a new dog, there are others that may not be dog people, or alternatively the same thing with cats, rabbits, reptiles, etc. Help others in your space feel comfortable and safe by keeping your pet near you.
  5. General environment stability. If everyone came into a vet office waiting area with free-roaming pets, it could turn into a somewhat chaotic situation. Help keep a calm and stress-free environment for you and your pet by keeping them leashed or in a carrier.

Now, Take the Steps to Keep You, Your Pets, and Other Pets and Pet Parents Safe and Happy

Purchasing a leash or carrier is more simple and affordable than ever. All local pets stores carry these types of products and have very helpful staff that can help you choose the right one. And of course, we have the trusty internet these days. These items can be delivered to you promptly and you’ll be prepared for your next office visit. Are you looking to get a checkup or have an issue you want to check on with your pet? Schedule an appointment with us today, and then bring them in with a safe leash or carrier!